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Alternative Rock band Sick Society releases new single, ENTEDHALLA

Mumbai, 14th April 2021: “Are you a pessimist ? Or an Optimist ? What ever you are! You might be probably wondering what is going on within our country ! There is always an intimidating opinionated person inside each one of us. Well ! F**k the system”, Sick Society. Their new single ‘ENTEDHALLA’, released on […]

Palindroma releases its latest single “Ghosts”

Mumbai, 7th April 2021: Palindroma is a musical project by Nitin Muralikrishna. Palindroma’s music is a combination of acoustic, electronic and cinematic sound with Indian influences. The sound of Palindroma was nurtured over a 15-year musical journey and finally took shape as musical productions in 2016 at Berklee College of Music. The fine blend of […]

Umer Farooq collaborates with Moosa Saleem on the single “Aaj Kal”

Mumbai, 6th April, 2021: Staying true to his indie/ indie-pop roots in music all the while experimenting with new elements, Umer Farooq collaborated with Moosa Saleem and this song came out sounding more like the music from his album “Patang”, that has been one of the most successful indie albums in India in recent years. […]

Rachit And XR Join Forces For Their New Banger “Starships”

Mumbai, 3rd April 2021: Gorakhpur based hip hop artist Rachit joins forces with Delhi based hip hop artist XR on the trap banger ‘Starships’. ‘Starships’, produced by Gorakhpur based producer BlissEnlightenUs, starts with a catchy synth melody which leads to hard hitting drums bundled with heavy 808 bassline. The lyrics start with the hook sung […]

Alexx ONell’s Twenty Days is a song that captures the greys of a relationship and has conveyed human emotions in a very authentic form

Mumbai, 2nd April 2021: Alexx ONell’s Twenty Days is a song that captures the greys of a relationship and has conveyed human emotions in a very authentic form. Twenty Days starts with a melodious short key board riff which quickly translates to a larger music arrangement setting the tone for the song from the very […]

Earthy, uplifting and soul-stirring: Israeli musician Botzer’s new multilingual single Amaraya featuring Lucky Ali, is the song we need right now

Mumbai, 1st April 2021: The collaboration between Eliezer Botzer and Lucky Ali can be described in different ways: a connection between India and Israel, between Islam and Judaism, or between East and West. However, if we are willing to surrender our need to define and classify, we can glimpse at a truth which is more precise […]

Joshua Roy shares life lessons through his Debut Single!

Mumbai, 31st March, 2021: Joshua Roy, a Hyderabad-based singer-songwriter and producer, is releasing his debut single ‘PART OF ME’ ft. Saleha paatwala, on April 2, 2021. He also worked as a composer and producer with Saleha on two of her originals in 2020. He began his musical journey when he was 5-6 years of age. “I […]

A L R aka Abhilash LR releases his new song Reminiscing

Mumbai, 27th March 2021: Losing a loved one is always heart-wrenching. Each of us creates our own world and when we lose someone, a piece of that world fades away forever. With the pandemic, it’s hard to fathom how many worlds have changed or shrunk every day. Speaking about his third release, A L R […]

Bringing back the nostalgia with Mumbai based Synthwave artist Sulfur Sky

Mumbai, 26th March 2021: Sulfur Sky is an upcoming synth-wave artist from Mumbai. With two audio-visuals released last year, the ’80s inspired new retro wave project released this March 05 on all major streaming platforms. Sulfur Sky draws its influences from the grandness of the 80s’ synth-pop and textures of the new-retro wave, further fusing […]

Bangalore singer-songwriter releases debut music EP ‘The Grays’

Los Angeles, California, March 25th 2021:  Bangalore born, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Saahas has released his debut acoustic pop EP ’The Grays’ on March 22nd on all streaming platforms. The five song debut EP has been much awaited since the release of two singles – ‘California’, released on February 24th and the first single from […]